About us

We are technology enthusiasts, artists, marketeers, developers, explorers and consultants.

Our team consists of more than 30 specialists from the fields of conception, development, project management, 3D/CGI, film, music and design. At the Bay, talents find the space they need to unfold their creativity, grow and contribute their own ideas.

How we work

Your Request
We receive your request and will get in touch with you.
In our first kick off meeting you tell us what you have in mind and we brainstorm how to achieve your goals.
Beside the creation of Wireframes to give you more insights on the design, we also create a technical concept to give you the most transparency for our project.
If you are satisfied, we start the development phase and set up your backend according to your needs.
After agreeing on the design, we start the creative development. So we provide you with a click dummy to give you a better feel of the user experience and interface.
Go Live
Once everything has been tested and we have also completed the onboarding phase for your employees, we are ready to go live!

Meet the founders ...

Lars Reinartz
Co-Founder & CEO
Christian Behrens
Co-Founder & Head of Motion Graphics
Dr. Dr. Bernd Brassel
Co-Founder & CTO
People you can trust with your next project
Barbara Stadler
Head of Business Development
Dr. Martin Braun
Head of Communications & Content Strategy