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phygital marketing

Phygital Marketing was and is still a raising topic in B2B and B2C marketing. It allows businesses and brands to meet the evolving needs and expectations of consumers in a convenient, personalized and engaging way. And as technology plays a more significant role in their daily lives, the importance of phygital marketing is only likely to increase!

Your physical showroom is too small or your products too big? You want to make the presentation and information about your product more emotional and interactive for your customers? Or you want a digital twin of your physical experience but with no loss of personal interaction?

Use the combination of physical and digital activities and experiences to increase consumer awareness. Provide a holistic experience that stays in your clients minds and that inspires on the long term.

Tell more with less

Your showroom does not offer enough space to stage products elaborately or your product is too large and complex? Package information in experiences around your product to make it easier for the customer to consume and, above all, to explore.

Customize it

Provide information about your product at the POS not only digitally and in a playful way, but also create dedicated customer experiences, exactly according to the requirements and interests of the customer or their target group. In this way, you show that you know the exact wishes and interests and offer the customer only the information that really interests him.

Support your sales

Products requiring explanation require long sales appointments and the information density is very high. Make it easier for your customers, but also for your sales staff, by preparing information digitally and interactively. This way, your customers can playfully explore the product themselves and information becomes easier to consume.

Case Study

RECORDBAY supports you with a closely meshed portfolio of offers. Our services include not only the creation of corresponding digital and technological concepts, but also the implementation and long-term support of the projects.

What we offer: Data generation and first party-solutions, asset and content creation (2D, 3D, video, text), automated personalization and segmentation of content and campaign concepts and project management.

We have also summarized a few tips for you and explained in our blog post why personalisation is becoming increasingly important in marketing.

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What's next?

Your Request
We receive your request and will get in touch with you.
In our first kick off meeting you tell us what you have in mind and we brainstorm how to achieve your goals
Beside the creation of Wireframes to give you more insights on the design, we also create a technical concept to give you the most transparency for our project
When you are fine, we start with the Development Phase and Set Up your Backend based on your needs
When we are aligned on the design we will start with the Creative Development. Herefore we provide you with a click dummy to give you a better feeling on the User Experience and User Interface
Go Live
When everything is tested and we also finished the onboarding phase for your employees, we are ready to go live!

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