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virtual experiences

We have long realized that important business appointments and negotiations no longer have to take place face to face and that meetings in the digital space are more efficient and sustainable for all sides.

But not only business calls should take place digitally, also trainings, product launches and entire trade fairs can inspire customers and users worldwide as an immersive virtual experience and will soon be part of our daily business.

Seamless interaction & communication

Whether completely anonymous or through the use of avatars. There is always an exchange during the experience with other participants or the hosts. Here, either live interaction during lectures and panels is possible, as well as exchange and collaboration in breakout sessions.

Detailed rooms & representations of products

Through the creation of true-to-life 3D worlds and product presentations, previous offline experiences are transformed 1:1 into the digital world and made even more exclusive and impressive to experience through animations and effects.

Guided Tours & Self Experience

Depending on the goal of the event, Guided Tours are possible through a Master Client function, as well as Self Experienced Tours, in which the user can move freely through all rooms, or a combination of both options.For example, after a guided tour, the user can move freely through the room, including concrete explanations, for 10 minutes before being automatically linked to the next meeting place.

Personalisation & Internationalization

Not every (potential) customer and user wants to discover all products and services or the complete tour. With the help of our partner VARYCON, your experiences will not remain a one-off show. The CMS offers the possibility to personalize the experience including all content to the customer. This way, appointments can be even more targeted.

Case Study

iHub Case Image

Over the past few months, we have implemented many virtual experiences with our customers, who still use their experiences regularly to easily connect with their customers worldwide and inform them about their products and services. One of these cases is the Henkel Adhesives iHub.

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What's next?

Your Request
We receive your request and will get in touch with you.
In our first kick off meeting you tell us what you have in mind and we brainstorm how to achieve your goals
Beside the creation of Wireframes to give you more insights on the design, we also create a technical concept to give you the most transparency for our project
When you are fine, we start with the Development Phase and Set Up your Backend based on your needs
When we are aligned on the design we will start with the Creative Development. Herefore we provide you with a click dummy to give you a better feeling on the User Experience and User Interface
Go Live
When everything is tested and we also finished the onboarding phase for your employees, we are ready to go live!

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