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Our team consists of more than 30 specialists from the fields of conception, development, project management, 3D/CGI, film, music and design. At the Bay, talents find the space they need to unfold their creativity, grow and contribute their own ideas.

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Create outstanding digital experiences for your target group. Together, we implement creative ideas and make them scalable and thus usable multiple times – always with a new wow effect.

Our Disciplines

Digital Twins

The creation and development of Digital Twins are the most important method in Phygital Marketing. They form a digital touchpoint parallel to a physical showroom, an event or a trade fair and ensure high visitor numbers, interaction rates and returning visitors. Thanks to our CMS VARYCON, which we put behind each experience as a kind of backend for our customers, the virtual experiences can be easily maintained in-house and new instances can be created flexibly. This means that in the course of personalisation, it would be possible to create a separate experience for each target customer or target company, which would be completely oriented towards the interests and needs of the customer on the content side.
Furthermore, the Digital Twin can be used for several events at the same time and for different topics and purposes.

Creative Automation

Creative automation and even more content automation are among the most important topics that marketers, brands and companies in general should address in their strategy. There are more and more touchpoints and even more formats that are needed to get in touch with (potential) customers in the context of inbound and outbound marketing.

In addition, content must be increasingly tailored to customers and target groups, i.e. become more personalised instead of generic, in order not to get lost in the amount of content that is consumed on a daily basis. To solve this task, the integration of automation processes in creative content production is necessary. For this purpose, we have developed VARYCON, a content automation platform for setting up scalable in-house production pipelines. The basis for this is our know-how in the area of creative content creation and in the area of computer science and software development.

Together with our customers, we build their automated and scalable content automation and production pipelines, including design scalability checks, connections to existing systems and integration into the corporate landscape.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual experiences refer to immersive digital environments that brands create to engage and connect with their target audiences but also to give them a digital space to independently discover and experience brand and/or portfolio. These experiences are designed to give consumers a sense of presence and participation and range from interactive showrooms and retail spaces to (live) events and trade fairs.

The advantage of our virtual experiences: we can create not only one-time experiences, but above all reusable experiences. In order to be able to use a created space again and again, we can integrate our CMS VARYCON behind your experience, which makes it possible for you to independently create new events, exchange content and personalise content in order to create unique experiences for your customers from B2B and B2C.

Content Production

The creation of content in the areas of design, 3D, animation and video production is the core of our work and this is where - in addition to software development and computer science - our expertise lies, which we are happy to pass on and of course incorporate into the implementation of your projects, in order to bring your goals and messages to the fore in the best possible way and to highlight your product.

Exactly this expertise we have also incorporated into the development of our SaaS platform VARYCON, which enables you to create personalisations, internationalisations, adaptations and versions based on a master video and according to your brand guidelines. Fully automated, directly in multiple formats and for direct distribution. To make your automated production pipeline even more scalable, we create the master content pieces directly with a view to easy redesign including composition of content pieces into new versions. If desired, we can also guide your external partners.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality not only expands reality, but also the possibilities for your company and brands to present and stage their products and services. Whether as an entertainment, marketing or educational solution, AR has the potential to massively increase the added value of your company. We advise you on its use, conceptualise your project and implement it for you. From social media filters to complex exploded graphics for machines, our experienced team of developers will implement any kind of requirement.

An augmented reality experience is always remembered in the long term. Use it to strengthen your brand loyalty with breathtaking and entertaining experiences around your product. Make your product even more desirable in augmented reality. Use interactive 3D worlds for AR to sustainably inspire customers and increase sales of your products and services.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is still a perfect way, especially in the B2B environment, to show the functions of products - which may be too complex, large and heavy to bring to the customer - and to present the benefits through animations and highlights.

They are also a perfect way of staging the product portfolio, the company and the services for events such as trade fairs and events.To make even better use of your VR experience, we set it up in such a way that it can also be easily converted into an AR experience to expand the user base.

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