Linde Material Handling: Product films without filming the products

Possible thanks to 3D animations

Sometimes it is not possible to promote marketing content through filming the product itself – But fortunately there is 3D technology. For Linde Material Handling, a renowned manufacturer of warehouse equipment and vehicles, we created extraordinary 3D animations for exactly that reason, providing special insights into special products.

For the launch of the new H20-35 forklift series and the N20 commissioning forklift, Linde needed product films that showcased their products in everyday work situations and technological features such as the unique infinitely variable hydraulic drive of Linde forklift trucks.

Since filming with the prototype was impossible, we developed several concepts for customised 3D films. Strengths of the forklift truck should be presented in four individual cinematic stories in the areas of Safety, Efficiency, Operating Experience and Hydrostatic Drive in a 3D outdoor warehouse.

We designed another storyline  that summarises all the highlights and one for the N20 commissioning operator. Our detailed replica of the vehicles in 3D also showed the functional representation of special technologies such as the hydraulic drive.

Linde Material Handling was so thrilled by our 3D films that they used the entire series to promote their top products. In addition, the films have been translated into five languages and used internationally for various communication purposes.

The business impact:

Our product films enabled a simple information transfer on complex contents. It supports the expansion sales activities and increase in sales.

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