Vodafone is giving all its customers 500 GB for Christmas and we were part of the announcement!

Together with our partners &AND Innovations, we supported the campaign "Happy XMas" with an OOH (Out of Home) campaign.

In 6 of the largest cities in Germany (Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Munich, Essen, Cologne and Hamburg), space was rented for giant OOH posters advertising our Experience for Vodafone.

The responsive experience itself is easy to use. By scanning a QR code with the camera of the user's mobile phone, the experience is automatically opened and Vodafone’s Happy, looking like Father Christmas, announces what he has brought the Vodafone customer: 500 GB for every new and existing Vodafone customer.

By simply clicking a button to indicate whether they would like to redeem their gift as an existing customer or request it as a new customer, the (potential) customer is taken directly to the Vodafone app or the Vodafone advice page via Direct Link in order to conclude a new contract and, of course, also benefit from the promotion.

In addition to the giant OOH posters, the immersive Vodafone campaign was also published in various print media such as Spiegel, Stern, BILD and various TV magazines.

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