A look behind the scenes of Metro's digitization

Who doesn't enjoy eating delicious food in a nice restaurant?

But hardly anyone knows about the logistical processes behind delicious dishes. Metro Deutschland is specialized in exactly this, the retail of food and non-food articles for gastronomy and commerce.

The company has already successfully digitized many processes, including faster product ordering and delivery, which makes things much easier for both employees and customers. An emotional image film was to present the core values of the company and also essential innovations for Metro customers. The film was to premiere at the opening of a new Düsseldorf flagship store. So we started working on the creative concept.

In it, we wanted to highlight the connections between the processes in the kitchen of a top chef and the work of METRO employees. We filmed emotional scenes as we  joined the team of award-winning chef Anthony Sarpong in the preparation of the dishes and showed how Metro supports professional restaurateurs in their daily work.

By integrating animations, we also highlighted the strengths of METRO's digital tools. If you need a creative, emotional and outstanding image film, get in touch!

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