An upgrade for FIEGE Logistics Digital CX

Interactive solutions for complex products

FIEGE Logistics is one of the leading logistics providers worldwide. With the launch of their new product "FIEGE NOW", smaller to medium-sized retailers get easy and fast access to an efficient eCommerce fulfillment solution without minimum quantities or setup costs. FIEGE NOW enables their B2B customers to configure their own fulfillment product according to their needs. However, due to the modular character of the product, also complexity arises.

Therefore, FIEGE needed a solution that would provide potential customers with a comprehensible overview of the logistics process as well as the product's options. Our concept envisaged a landing page as a separate instance that would convey all the information in a clear and self-explanatory way with appealing animations.

That was our approach. So we created a storyline for the animation that shows how simple it is to start with FIEGE NOW and developed it via UX Design. We also created a landing page with an included configurator to make it even easier for potential customers to make a decision after watching the explanatory animation.

The configurator acts as a playful element that allows users to request a quote by putting together their individual logistics solution. The user then receives an "award" - a "rookie batch" - and an invitation to make an online consultation appointment, using our custom-created booking tool. For this purpose, we integrated the calendar function of Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to FIEGE's new digital experience, customers get a good understanding of each step of the logistics process. Moreover, they can easily communicate their requirements to the FIEGE NOW team. This way, the company creates not only awareness for the new FIEGE Omnichannel Retail product but also increases customer satisfaction, improves its competitive position through an enhanced digital customer journey and creates scalable growth.

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