How a gaming chair becomes an autonomous driving experience

An experience not for just one, but for all visitors

Even the best stationary showroom needs special and emotional experiences that visitors will remember. For this reason, Henkel Adhesive Technologies was looking for an impressive solution for the new Interactive Customer Center (ICD). It was about autonomous driving with ADAS, or more precisely, the experience was supposed to show the difference between self-driving and autonomous driving.

And we created a concept that would show the difference in a striking way. It is based on a driving simulation in 3D. The aim of our story was that the “driver” of the ADAS experience understands that even experienced drivers are not infallible in their reactions.

In contrast, it should become clear that autonomous driving vehicles react much more accurately. Based on this goal and in exchange with the experts at Henkel, we developed the story, created a 3D Henkel world in Unity and developed the complete simulation.

If a visitor enters the experience, he first drives a predefined route in a city scene and has to react to tricky situations. Afterwards, he is presented with how an autonomously driving car would have mastered the same route and which components and functions of autonomous driving would have come into play.

But we did not only want to entertain and inform the driver, but also the other visitors standing around. That's why they can follow the action in the gaming chair via an additional screen.  

The business impact:

We created a solution that enables a simple information transfer on complex contents and increased the brand awareness through gamification.

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