A live presentation with tangible tables for bombardier transportation

Combining technology with empathy

Presenting huge machines and big projects at an exhibition without having them on site – Bombardier Transportation no longer has to deal with this problem. The company is specialized in mobility solutions and develops various types of rail vehicles as well as the associated infrastructure for entire cities.

Their products are used all over the world and must therefore be presentable everywhere. But how can a live presentation be held under such conditions? Well, we had something in mind.

Our concept aimed to make product presentations accessible to as many people as possible at the same time. The individual vehicles in operation as well as the overall mobility solutions for different city types should be demonstrated. For this purpose, we created a digital installation for screens and interactive presentation tables, so called "tangible tables''. The interactive tables are controlled by the presenter via free sliding puks and display mobility solutions and rail vehicles in highly realistic situations.

Our interactive solution was first used at the globally renowned mobility exhibition "InnoTrans'' in Berlin. However, the content inside our digital installation can be updated at any time and for any use, so we have created a timeless solution for worldwide use.

The business impact:

Our tangible table experience enriches physical touchpoints at fairs with digital content. We enable the information transfer on complex contents and increase sales.

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