DataVision: New branding and better UX on all channels

New design orientation and increased awareness for customers

DataVision is one of the leading suppliers in the field of conference and presentation technology. The company needed a new corporate design for its presence in various business fields, which was to go hand in hand with a new website.

In addition to a new branding, our artists developed a comprehensive CI and style guide that enables DataVision to react in a visually perfect and structured way in every situation. A new modern website, which presents all areas, services and solutions in an appealing and clear way, is the main touchpoint on the web.

The style guide not only provides its own coherent image worlds, colors and typography specifications for all three service areas of the company, but also specifies fixed styles for social media contributions and presentations. In this way, the three service areas of business, education and managed service are clearly distinguishable without losing the clear assignment to the company.

With a corporate presentation template, presentations for sales meetings, company presentations and other occasions can now always be perfectly adapted without any inconsistencies.

The CD templates of the style guide were also the basis for developing a new Wordpress website. Recordbay gave the previous site new order and structure and thereby improved the UX. Customers can now find their way around the website much more quickly and find out about DataVision's different services. Videos, graphics and animations create the perfect emotional framework for a successful brand presentation of DataVision.

The business impact:

With our work we foster the brand awareness through new design orientation, create awareness in new target groups through clear communication of the mission and products and increase sales activities through a clear structure of sales tools.

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