Inspirational: Digital brand spaces open up new dimensions for both companies and customers

A digital brand experience provides visitors with an all-round view of the company, its history and product range. In the virtual space, potential customers and partners receive all the information they need in an interactive setting.

Digital brand spaces create innovative experiences on the world wide web and make companies' product and brand worlds accessible online. Similar to analog trade fairs, virtual spaces help companies, partners and potential customers interact with each other.

The limitless and comprehensive information options on products, companies and backgrounds open up entirely new opportunities for retail, consulting and sales.  

Virtual bird's eye view of the company

Virtual access adds a new dimension to the brand experience. Unlike a digital showroom, a virtual brand space is not just there to provide information about a specific product or product line and thus support the sales team. Rather, it is about opening up a digital brand world that gives users a bird's eye view of the entire company.

So in the virtual brand space, there is information about products and company history, consulting and purchasing options, interactive touch points, or even live conversation opportunities.

Explorative or thoroughly curated

There are three ways to build a virtual brand space: completely individual and exploratory, as a guided tour through the virtual space, or in a hybrid of both. For example, the brand space can include a tour through a 3D rendered and realistic space where different products can be viewed and explored on their own in the form of AR or VR product demos, interactive product configurators or exploded views.

However, an employee can also act as a guide through this tour, for example in the form of a hologram or through several clickable videos that are available at various hotspots and provide further information about them.

Scalable worlds

The virtual space enables customers to take on new perspectives, discover products, and in this way explore the brand world independently. Once created, the brand space can be updated, adapted, and expanded again and again to always offer new and current topics that also appeal to returning visitors.

This makes the virtual space the ideal tool for transforming the consulting and sales process and building a positive customer relationship, as it forms the basis for further personal exchange between companies, customers and (retail) partners.

Tracking made easy

For marketing, sales and product development, tracking the virtual brand space provides information about future development opportunities. This is particularly easy with access secured via an ID, as this enables user behavior and information about particularly popular offers to be tracked. Of course, this is not a must, as KPIs such as the number of visitors in general or clicks on individual hotspots can also be measured.

Another advantage for both sides is that all content and information is available 365 days a year and around the clock, so it can also be used from anywhere in the world outside business hours.

Run-through: Here's how it could go

Different display options turn the digital brand space into a user experience. There are no limits to the possibilities and hotspot game types. But what might such a brand space look like?  

After logging in via the individual ID, the user enters the virtual room, a kind of foyer from which he can access various areas. Already in the foyer, he is greeted by a hologram employee who provides a brief overview of the rooms.

One of these rooms is intended for live events. In a cinema atmosphere with a large screen, presentations and product demonstrations are held from here to which selected users are invited.

Live consulting in virtual space

Another room provides a tour through the company's history - with videos, pictures and short texts. In the next room, visitors will find a deceptively real 3D showroom that uses animations, exploded drawings, a configurator and supplementary video material to give them a closer look at the entire product range.

A few clicks further on, visitors can request a live consultation, talk to employees, ask questions or directly reserve products for purchase. The possibilities are limitless.

Producing and managing content centrally

The use of a digital brand space becomes particularly efficient and effective through the central and well-organized control of all content presented there. VARYCON offers a solution for the centralized management of digital experiences. Content can be easily exchanged in-house directly at the hotspots in the virtual space in order to adapt and modify it.  

In addition, the solution also includes the function of flexibly editing content and thus not only exchanging it, but also changing it – in-house and in high quality. If you would like to learn more about the topic, please feel free to contact us.

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