Digital sales: Customer acquisition with videos

The best product and the most sophisticated service are not worth much if no one knows about it. Videos used in sales to address customers in a targeted manner serve a digital, yet personal channel.

Digitalization in sales is a topic that many people have mixed feelings about. Some say that the entire sales system needs to be digitised as quickly as possible. Others think that people still buy from people and that digital sales processes would make the customer journey in B2B too impersonal.

Especially in times of crisis, when Covid-19 makes working in bigger offices almost impossible, companies that already rely on digital sales processes are benefiting. For them, it is not only sales from home offices that is possible to the full extent.

Companies that use digital channels for marketing and sales also reach potential customers easier and more effectively. Companies that still rely completely on traditional sales channels, on the other hand, have a harder time now and in the future.

What sells better: A good product or proper communication?

Business is no longer done by the companies that offer the best product, but by the brands that communicate their product best. The boundaries between sales and marketing seem to be blurring more and more as a result.

At the same time, the requirements for sales teams of large companies have changed significantly due to digitalization. Whether in the automotive or fashion industry, competition has become tougher and more transparent. Customers are less binding and harder to reach. If you want to keep up, you have to think more digitally and more quickly.

However, personal conversations with customers and competent advice from a contact person still define sales despite all the digital possibilities. Nevertheless, digital solutions do not necessarily have to create a distance to the customer.

Breaking new ground with personalized sales videos

Videos serve an innovative digital distribution channel that allows the team to get closer to the customer, maintain contacts and at the same time pick up each new prospect individually.

Creating a personalized sales video is now not any more time-consuming than making a normal call or writing an email. Although the respective employee has invested a lot of time and effort from the customer's point of view, it actually saves time that would otherwise be used for less successful cold calls.  

Such an acquisition video usually consists of three parts: an intro, an informative middle part and an outro. The respective product or the service offered plays the main role, yet the respective employee is the most important actor in the video, as he or she addresses the customer directly and personally.

New video format for distribution and sales

In fact, video sales letters (VSLs) still have a niche existence in sales. Yet experience in marketing has shown that video formats have great potential.

According to a forecast by the US company Cisco, 82% of all internet traffic will be caused by videos by 2022. Therefore, it is especially important in sales to rely on personalized videos at an early stage. Sales videos with a personal approach therefore offer a new and suitable platform to win customers and increase sales.

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