Dynamic video marketing

Personalized marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies. Dynamic video content offers a wide range of possibilities for a targeted customer approach.

In the future, brand experiences will be increasingly personalized to individual customers. For this reason, personalized experiences with dynamic content are gaining importance in the marketing mix of companies.  

Especially in video marketing, the customer experience can now be individualized more easily and quickly through innovative technologies. The result is longer viewing times, stronger customer loyalty and higher sales figures.

Dynamic video content - Low barriers for personalization

Why are videos so suitable for personalized marketing measures? Video is still one of the best ways to inform customers in a targeted manner and to inspire them emotionally for a brand. This effect can be additionally increased through personalized content.

In the field of video marketing, personalization means much more than just adding a customer's name. Rather, specific products can be recommended, prices offered or even entire scenes, actors and backgrounds can be adapted according to customer and personal preferences.

Faster distribution, simplified management

This is possible thanks to new cloud-based technologies that dramatically expand the design options for personalized video campaigns. On the one hand, because the automated creation and distribution of content significantly accelerates all processes, and on the other hand, because customer data and content assets can be managed more easily via central platforms.

In combination with flexible content concepts that make videos adaptable for different customer segments by exchanging individual assets, the effort for personalized video campaigns is reduced to a minimum. In addition, more time can be invested in analysis and performance optimization.

Partner for personalized video marketing

RECORDBAY supports both the development of ideas for personalized campaigns and their conception and implementation. All assets can be managed, produced and distributed in a central location in the cloud via the creative automation platform VARYCON. In addition to video personalization, VARYCON also enables the management and production of various other types of dynamic marketing content.

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