Falling in love: virtual fashion & beauty experiences are here to stay

Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss were only some of the supermodels of the 90s of the last millennium. A lot has changed since then, not only in terms of the grandes dames of the catwalk and the way fashion labels advertise themselves.

In our article, we take a look at which digital technologies are about to revolutionize the fashion world in a way that was unimaginable in the golden 90s.

NFT and Fashion: an unbeatable team for the future

As for almost all industries, online retailing was the biggest lever in business for the fashion & beauty industry. Recently, many other innovative technologies have been added that significantly boost and personalize the customer experience and thus lead to considerable increases in the e-commerce sector.

Probably the most prominent example is NFTs. The metaverse is on everyone's lips, and an experience without avatars is almost unthinkable. It is therefore not surprising that avatar developers and other players, such as Genies, are specifically developing fashions for avatars.

But NFT fashion is also already making its way onto social media profiles, as the example of the German fashion retailer About You shows. The sale of NFT-Fashion is not only interesting for the creators, who own the intellectual property and earn from every sale and resale, but also for the owners, who can call a real digital unicum their own.

Virtual try-ons are here to stay

The display of fashion NFTs using augmented reality on social media profiles is also important for another sensational trend that is also enabled by AR: Virtual Try-Ons.

As in the furniture industry, where pieces on offer can be placed in the living room using AR, it is now also possible in the fashion and beauty sector to try on clothing, accessories such as glasses or watches, and cosmetics virtually using augmented reality. The latest example: Amazon's Virtual Try-On for shoes.

The arguments in favor of this type of digital customer experience when trying on fashion and beauty products are obvious. It has never been easier and more convenient for customers to try on and try out products, and the products can be ordered directly from the respective application to the customer's home.

With the help of Magic Mirrors, which capture the customer's image using a camera and project fashion items onto it, Virtual Try-On also expands the customer experience on the Point of Sale. If items of clothing are not physically available in the store but are of interest to the customer after the Virtual Try-On, he simply orders them from the Magic Mirror to his home or local store. Digitalization at its best!

The master class: Personalized experiences and AI generated models

But there is much more to discover when we talk about personalization and customer relevance. It’s not only possible to show customers on fashion and beauty platforms products that are of personal interest to them, but the new virtual try-ons also allow customers to configure their own fashion pieces, accessoires or cosmetic products, as the examples of Gucci or Dior show.

Why not show models that match the look of the customers and carry interesting products? This is already possible with AI-generated models. The deceptively real-looking models can be dressed with the respective products on fashion websites, for example. They also take on the role of real models on the virtual catwalk and in commercials, as for example for Asos. And yes, maybe some of them will become the next generation of supermodels!

If you are interested in using the above technologies for your company in the fashion and beauty sector, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to think about how we can empower your brand and develop a strategy to inspire your target group.

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