A fresh breeze for getair's communication

Emotional image film

Emerging businesses need content that defines their brand and clarifies to the target group what their products are all about. This was also the case for the young and fast-growing company GetAir, which specialized in modern air-conditioning and ventilation technology. Especially in the field of decentralized home ventilation, it is one of the most dynamic and innovative suppliers on the market.

In order to become visible to the target group and position themselves in the market, GetAir needed an expressive image film – and we are excellent at that.

With mountain climbing, we found a metaphor that perfectly matched GetAir's communication goals – a symbol for the rapid upswing and the ecological attitude of the company. A mountain top shot with a slender 3D shape of the aerator became the key visual of the campaign.

On the Stubai Glacier in Tyrol, we took breathtaking pictures at an altitude of 3,200 metres and at freezing -20 degrees. In post-production, we edited all the footage into an emotional story and fitted in all the rendered 3D assets.

Our image film has become a solid cornerstone of GetAir's corporate communications. The story we created and the footage we filmed pay off perfectly to all core areas and values of the company and communicate them to relevant stakeholders. Do you also need an emotional image film? Then get in touch!

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