Henkel Adhesive Technologies: A tangible and personalized experience for the new inspiration center

A place to inspire and exchange ideas

The Inspiration Center Düsseldorf (ICD) of Henkel Adhesives is a place where customers can get into contact with experts and exchange ideas with them. The construction of the inspiration centre already generated a great wave of attention in the media. Its aim is to make the core competences of the Henkel Adhesives business sector tangible and to present services and technologies in a unique and memorable way.

This is particularly helpful as the technologies can be found in a wide range of products, such as cars, aeroplanes, smartphones and packaging. So what makes the ICD so interesting, is its content that is presented within the framework of experiences and on screens.

We conceptualised and produced content for all the main customer experience areas in the ICD. What is special about the content in the centre is, that it can be tailored and personalized to the respective customer. In order to realize this, we provided a platform to easily exchange content and customize the experiences for different visitors.

To achieve this, we have once again successfully collaborated with VARYCON, whose unique technology allows the complex content to be easily managed and shared. In this way, Henkel employees can independently exchange and adapt content at different touchpoints in the ICD.

The business impact:

Through tailored customer tours and physical exhibitions that are enhanced with digital content, we create targeted customer experiences and sales activities that strengthen the brand loyalty and increase in sales.

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