HUM's WebAR product experience that connects customers and sales people

Two are better than one

In search of a unique solution for the launch of their products in German Douglas stores, the USA based supplement manufacturer HUM Nutrition’s turned to us. Especially in the field of nutritional supplements, information about ingredients and effects are essential. So both customers and employees in sales should be able to grasp these facts as interactively and quickly as possible.

What they wanted was a solution to interactively train external consultants and present their entire product range to customers at the POS even for products, which are not available. What they got were two solutions that can handle it all and more.

To inform customers at the POS, we created a mobile interactive web application that allows the presentation of HUM Nutrition's complete product range in 3D. For access to the experience, consultants or customers simply scan a QR code. After entering, customers can also take part in an interactive quiz to receive personalized product recommendations.

In order to train external sales staff independent of location and time, we created an augmented reality training app for iPads. At the same time, the app can be used for extended customer consultancy. The special extra: Thanks to AR, products can be virtually placed in any Douglas store. This way, customers can also experience products that are not in stock.

The business impact:

With our Augmented reality experience we enable customers and employees to discover interactively the whole product range. Through this we increase sales on the POS and simplify internal product trainings.

"Through WebAR technology, end customers can immerse themselves in the world of HUM at any time and from anywhere."

– Antonia Kerschbaumer, Country Manager HUM Nutrition

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