iHub a physical and virtual experience

Inspiration and education made simpel and impressive with digital technology

The iHub of Henkel Adhesives for Consumers & Craftsmen in Düsseldorf is both a physical and virtual inspiration space. Located in Henkel Adhesive Technologies' Inspiration Center Düsseldorf, the physical Inspiration Hub is a place where the employees of Henkel Adhesives for Consumers & Craftsmen can meet key customers and stakeholders to educate about commitments to important topics, such as sustainable solutions, smart innovations or people impact.

In the physical iHub, this experience is enabled via an interactive presentation that visitors can explore on a screenwall with radar touch surrounded by state-of-the-art architecture.  

The content within our experience can be customized for individual customers. This is made possible by the underlying headless CMS principle of our browser-based media configurator VARYCON. VARYCON is also the basis for the content management of the virtual iHub on the web.

For the virtual iHub we developed several areas in which the individual topics of the commitment are conveyed individually. In addition, the areas can also be used for special online presentations with individual content.

Intuitive mouse control, supplemented by a mini-map with a selection function for the individual areas, makes it easy for presenters and employees to find their way around and quickly switch to key topics. A master client function allows presenters to guide clients directly through the virtual room. Visitors can be given the opportunity to move and look around the rooms independently. Visitors then have the option of switching rooms independently of the presenter.

The digital iHub is accessible for a total of 11 regions in the universe of Henkel Adhesives for Consumers & Craftsmen. Using the VARYCON CMS, the individual country teams can adapt the content of the digital experience for their region.

The business impact:

We created a first-class virtual enviornment for tailored customer tours, targeted customer experiences and sales activities. More over we enable our client to personally exchange with customers in the virtual space.

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