Interactive sales solution in AR makes e-mobility more tangible

Combining virtual objects and real spaces

In order to illustrate their various solutions in the field of e-mobility in a tangible way, Henkel Adhesive Technologies contacted us to ask for our expertise. And we thought, what solution could be more engaging than a tangible AR experience? So the goal was to create a sales application that allows customers to interactively experience the solutions of the Henkel Adhesive Technologies' portfolio.

Based on the insights we received from Henkel, we created the concept and 3D design and also took over the development of the AR experience app.

When a visitor dives into the AR experience, a virtual vehicle is placed in the real showroom. Users can then walk around the vehicle, discover it in 360 degrees from every angle and explore the individual components of the e-mobility car.

In addition to sell sheets, video content was also integrated, which makes the facts and information even more tangible and understandable. The AR app now offers key account managers a completely new way of presenting products and thus makes discussions with potential customers more interactive.

The business impact:

With our interactive AR-experience we enable a simple information transfer on complex contents and support the expansion of sales activities and increase in sales.

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