An immersive AR presenter app for Nordson's sales meetings

Give me an "A"! give me a "R"! what do we have?

Impressively presenting complex machines in sales meetings without having them live on site. Is that just a dream? For Nordson, an American manufacturer of precision machines for application of adhesives, sealants and coatings, it no longer is. The Ohio-based company was looking for a sales solution that would allow them to present their large products regardless of location, while not only displaying the general data of the machines, but also showing the technological USPs in detail.

What a coincidence, that's our speciality! So we developed and designed an augmented reality presenter as an app for iOS. The presenter can be accessed via tablet as well as smartphones, allowing access from any location in the world.

Machine details can be presented via object tracking directly on the real demonstration model or via surface tracking on a complete AR model. The respective information is provided via hotspots in both text and video form.

In this way, users can, for example, explore the most important functions of the Nordson ProBlue Flex melter via an interactive menu. For this purpose, we recreated both the machine and parts of its interior in augmented reality on the basis of the STEP data in 3D.

Together with a sales representative, the users can discover technological details interactively in AR and expand the basic version individually, for example by adding an automatic filling feature. Following the discussion with the sales representative, customers receive a summary document for their decision-making.

The business impact:

With our AR presenter app we allow simple information transfer on complex contents. For our client this means the expansion and support of sales activities and an increase in sales.

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