Salesforce: A personalized invitation process in (Web)AR

Increased awareness and anticipation of events through AR

How do you generate attention for invitations in an innovative and interactive way – especially for a player that has a global reputation and has tried many technologies?
We took on the challenge for our client Salesforce and interactively redesigned the invitation process for the international Innovation Centers.

We combined the existing offline with a new state-of-the-art online experience. Guests now receive physical invitations with a special digital surprise for them: a personalized Augmented Reality experience.
Based upon our Media Content Creator VARYCON the AR-invitations can be easily personalized for every single guest with just a few clicks or via bulk upload.

The print invitation can now be provided with a simple QR code, which allows the invited guests to start their personalised augmented reality invitation directly from the browser. We use the latest WebAR technology for this experience to guarantee a seamless experience.
The customers open their personalised augmented reality invitation and receive personalized information about their visit from his or her contact.  

The business impact:

An invitation experience that is guaranteed to be remembered positively in the long term! With our personalised address of those to be invited, we increased awareness and the anticipation of an event. Furthermore we foster Salesforce's image as an innovative, tech-leading company.

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