Telekom's smarthome excites german customers

See how deutsche telekom promotes its groundbreaking new technology

Presenting complex products in a way that potential users can understand and appreciate their functions is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to modern smart home technologies whose benefits the customer still has to be convinced of. With Magenta SmartHome, Deutsche Telekom proves that modern technology is not complicated, but safe, well-engineered and easy to use.

Here is what we came up with

That was the initial question prior to our conception of the strategic marketing campaign, which was to extinguish reservations and show that it is time to make life easier with SmartHome. What better way to do so than with a powerful film campaign?

The film should answer three questions: What does Smart Home mean? What are the benefits of Magenta SmartHome? And lastly: How does it work?

So we rolled up our sleeves and developed an overarching concept for three main films and supporting snippet content for the various online channels of Magenta SmartHome. ​​Through our unscripted approach with improvised statements by the actors, we achieved the highest authenticity possible.

Thanks to the numerous content snippets we produced, Deutsche Telekom was able to place content about Magenta SmartHome at all their different digital touch points including their website.

If you want to knit a broad film campaign, just get in touch!

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