aA SSI Schäfer, customers experience products digitally and up close

... by putting on the hololens glasses.

Holo- what? For SSI Schäfer, one of the world's most powerful suppliers of products and systems for internal material flow and waste technology, we created a very special live experience based on the concept of the agency 361/DRX.

The concept was based on the use of Microsoft's mixed reality glasses "HoloLens", which were to enable live presentations at trade fair appearances while communicating with customer service representatives at the same time.

With the example of Märklin's model railways, whose sensitive components require a unique container concept, the advantages of special packaging technologies were to be explained holographically.

As the agency's development partner, we took on the technical implementation and designed a holographic storyline in 3D, which consisted of interactively selectable sequences with additional image and video material.

RECORDBAY also took charge of the entire media playback for the set-up and the screens on the exhibition stand. Video and 3D content was also used here, which was completely conceived, designed and realised by us. Are you also looking for a special digital solution for your next exhibition event? If so, contact us!

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