How Warner Music Germany created social media content for high class artists

How Warner Music Germany uses creative automation to flood instagram with brand new songs.

A sophisticated social media strategy is essential for companies if they want to generate a wide outreach for their products and services. As if content production wasn't hard enough on its own, it's a special challenge for companies that can – and have to – announce brand new products on a weekly basis.

Warner Music Germany is just such a company. Their marketers very regularly need teaser and release content to promote Warner’s successful high-class artists – including Ed Sheeran, Robin Schulz and Ava Max. The artists post the provided teaser stories and feed videos of their new songs on their Instagram and Facebook channels to inform fans and media about the latest releases. And poof, the whole world listens to them.

But this approach created quite a problem and that is related to speed. The question was: How can we speed up the production of social media content so that artists can post and users receive fresh music fodder on a regular basis?

To solve this problem, we teamed up with VARYCON and created a content production template within the Creative Automation Platform that is perfectly tailored to Warner Music Germany's needs, so that the marketers can now produce new content on their own. The form structure allows the user to generate different formats and an individual look for each artist's social media content.

Effects, fade-ins or even the dimensions of the content can be conveniently entered via intuitive selection processes, texts and slogans via dialogue boxes. Everything is rendered in the cloud within minutes and can be used directly, so that speed and fresh music fodder are guaranteed.

The business impact:

We enable our client to create 10x more content in the same production time through internal control and production. This means a reduction of time and monetary expenditure. Our client is finally able to do in-house implementation of adaptations, personalisations and internationalisations.

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