Henkel Adhesive Technologies: Interactive Ocean Experience for plastic free packaging

Circular economy experienced interactively via touchscreen

The Inspiration Center Düsseldorf (ICD) of Henkel Adhesive Technologies is a customer briefing center at the highest level. It offers a personalized and tangible experience through digital technologies. We designed a unique experience for the Plastic Free Packaging Project of several brands of Henkel Adhesive Technologies, which explains a circular economy and can be experienced interactively by visitors of the ICD.

Using a huge touchscreen, visitors can explore an interactive experience on the topic of plastic reduction at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. In a 3D ocean animation with water, plants and swimming fishes, they can learn more about the elimination of plastic on the new secondary packaging of brands like for example Pritt, Pattex or Loctite.

In the animation, visitors dive deeper through the various ocean layers. Here they learn how long certain plastic products take to degrade. For example, an average plastic bag takes about 20 years, but a car tire can take up to 2.000 years to fully degrade.

All content in the ocean experience can be controlled through the Universal App developed specifically for the ICD, it is based on our software VARYCON. The Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Ocean experience is part of the permanent exhibition at ICD.

The business impact:

With our sustainability experience, we create awareness for Henkel's sustainability efforts and build trust in the brand and company.

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